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Pictures scanned from the yearbook.  If you have a favorite that I didn't post, let me know.

Click on any thumbnail and see a full-size picture.

Cadet Colonel Cadet Lt. Colonel Regiment Staff "A" Company "B" Company "C" Company "D" Company Band Company
Col. Chris Bolton - Orlando, FL Lt. Col. Jack Knight - Atlantic Beach, NJ Capt. John Schumann - West Palm Beach, FL Capt. Lee Sullivan - Panama City, FL Capt. Kit Carson - St. Augustine, FL Capt Thomas Boze - Orlando, FL Capt. Charles Good - Winter Park, FL Capt Dale Campbell - Atlanta, GA
    1st Lt. Robert Mouro - Jacksonville, FL 1st Lt. Dale Lowe - Orlando, FL 1st Lt. Steve Kinsell - Coral Gables, FL 1st Lt. Carl Voelker - Cape Coral, FL 1st Lt. Ronald Chappell - Sarasota, FL 2nd Lt. James Richards - Riverview, FL
    1st Lt. Walter Kotz - Monroe, LA 1st Lt. Roland Wiborg - Cape Coral, FL 1st Lt. Charles Ross - Swedesboro, NJ 1st Lt. Josh Schneider - Statesboro, NC 1st Lt. Jim Pattee - Orlando, FL 1st Sgt. Daryl Temple - Cocoa Beach, FL
    1st Lt. Kenneth Kyle - St. Augustine, FL 1st Sgt. William Delcher - Jacksonville, FL 1st Sgt. Frank Neubauer - Sarasota, FL 1st Sgt. Robert Green - Jacksonville, FL 1st Sgt. James Turkowski - Orlando, FL  
    1st Lt. Alan Bremmer - Jacksonville, FL          
    2nd Lt. Bill Peters - Venice, FL          
    M/Sgt. James Gaberle - St. Petersburg, FL          
    M/Sgt. Tim Hilton - Tampa, FL          
    1st Sgt. Charles Gaston - Orlando, FL          
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