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News from the May 19, 2001 Meeting
News from June 18, 2001
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News from August 4, 2001
The Gathering on 12/2/01

Whew!  The Gathering of December 2, 2001 is over and it was a great success.   Go to the link above to see the pictures of the attendees enjoying themselves.

So, now what?  Good question.  The committee discussed many options and received a lot of commenta and suggestions at the Gathering.   Options ranged from "don't change a thing!" to "let's do this again next week!".  The committee will be meeting again in January of February to weigh everyone's inputs so we can get started on the next event.  That is the only sure thing.....there will be a next event.  Stay tuned.

If you have comments, questions, or suggestions, please get them to one of the committee members (Max Elliott, Thornton Ridinger, Robert Mouro, Andy Staley, and Tim Tyndall).