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I thought I might list the cadets or faculty/staff that Tim or I recently found.  Many times its with a lot of help from all of you out there.  Great work!  Let's keep it up!

On or around 6/20/01 I found the phone numbers of John Millonig ('68) and Bobby Lee ('68).  I called and spoke to each of them and they were both excited about getting things going.  At this point I will tell why this is embarassing for me....Bobby Lee is my cousin and I hadn't seen or talked to him in 30+ years.  That's a shame, I know.  Anyway, they are both listed on Tim's website now.

Tim Tyndall picked up the phone and called Don Ebbs ('68) in Jacksonvillea week ago, based on an address I found being a member of (great website!).  Tim even went and visited with Don and we are please to welcome him to the group.

On 6/30/01 Tim came to visit me in Tampa and besides sharing a few good laughs, we started some more searches.  I am pleased to announce that we found Steve Kinsell, Frank Wolynski, and Tim Hurlbut (all of the class of '67).  On the other hand, we are sorry to announce the passing of Nurse Evelyn Doyle.  Sometimes these searches end up badly.

We have a lead on David Laing ('67).  Tim Hurlbut said he was a Florida Highway Patrolman somewhere around Ormond Beach.  So far, our search tools have not found him.  Any help would be appreciated.

We are having a devil of a time finding Major Jim Pendarvis.  We are searching all over South Carolina to no avail (so far).  Would love to hear of some leads from you guys!

If there is someone out there from the years around 1960 - 1965 that would like a fun project, I'll be happy to show you how to search the internet using   Finding old classmates is a hoot and they really appreciate being found.   Email me if you want to get more only costs $25 for 250 searches (more than enough for a 2-3 year search).