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Cadet Colonel Cadet Lt. Colonel Regiment Staff "A" Company "B" Company "C" Company "D" Company Band Company
Col. Dave Moroz - Deltona, FL Lt. Col. Bill Weir - Jacksonville, FL Capt. Tim Tyndall - Jacksonville, FL Capt. Bill Akerman - Orlando, FL Capt. George Graham - Orlando, FL Capt. James Howze - Fort Walton Beach, FL Capt. Andy Staley - Apopka, FL Capt. John Backus - St. Petersburg, FL
    Sgt. Maj. William Carter - Jacksonville, FL 1st. Lt. Bobby Ginn - Hampton, SC 2nd Lt. Scott Williams - Leesburg, FL 1st Lt. Gene Johnson - Orlando, FL 2nd Lt. Leonard Harrold - Jacksonville, FL 1st Lt. Adger Keith - Bradenton, FL
      2nd Lt. Al Johnson - St. Petersburg, FL 2nd Lt. Mark Tyndall - Jacksonville, FL 2nd Lt. Jim Pearson - Oviedo, FL 2nd Lt. Jim Bourroughs - Tallahassee, FL 2nd Lt. George Knight - Daytona Beach, FL

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Bill Akerman (as OD) leads A Company's lunch formation in 1968.

The1968 Black Knights Rifle team.

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The1968 Black Knights Basketball team.

The1968 Black Knights Track team.

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Anyone remember a lake or boats? Class of 1968 Officers
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1968 Regimental Staff Tim Tyndall takes Guard-Mount waaaaay too seriosly
(that's Gene Johnson in the background)